Live Chat in the Oode mobile app

One of the best things about the mobile version of Oode is the ability to do things for your business even away from your desk. Just connect to the internet and you’ll be able to exchange chat messages with them any time of the day.

Here’s why communicating with your customers is more convenient via mobile app:

  • It’s handy.

Sure, there are many things you can do with your laptop or desktop computer that you can’t do with an ordinary phone. However, if there’s one thing mobile phones are ahead of, it’s the convenience they provide when you can easily slip one into your handbag or pocket.

  • Most of your customers are using their mobile phones too.

One of the best ways to relate to your customers is to go where they are and do what they do. More than half of the internet users around the globe use their phones to go online.

  • Get instant notifications

Run faster transactions when you get notified of any new messages or new bookings from your phone.

Customer Messaging

To access the customer messaging feature in the Oode mobile app, simply tap on the chat icon at the bottom of your screen.

Notifications for New Messages (inside the app)

Once a new message comes in, a red bubble would appear just above the chat icon. The red bubble would stay until you open the unread message.

Notifications for New Messages (from the phone)

If you want to be notified about an incoming message even without opening or visiting the app, switch on the notifications for the Oode app from your phone.

To do this, open Settings on your phone and select Notifications.

Then, scroll down and look for the Oode app.

Once inside, tap to turn on Allow Notifications.

Allowing notifications from Oode would mean receiving alerts and reminders from the app such as incoming chat messages, even when you don’t have the Oode app open.