Understand your analytics

Your Analytics shows an overview of all your interactions — helping you keep track of your reach, engagement, bookings, and chat sessions within a specific period of time. Simply put, the Analytics tool records how many visitors you’ve had.

You can access your analytics on your Dashboard, just below your Sales.

Checking analytics over a select period of time

You can opt to view the number of visitors you had during a particular time period. For example, you can select to view results from the past seven days, past month, past 3 months, or past year. You can even view interactions accumulated since your first launch.

Visitors Overview

This part of the analytics page gives you insights on your total page interactions. While you are able to see the actual number of visitors, you are also able to see the rise and fall of the number of interactions with the line chart.

  • Landed: This refers to the visitors who have simply visited your booking page.
  • Interacted: This refers to the visitors who have actively navigated your booking page and made actions such as clicking, filling out forms, etc.
  • Contacted: This refers to the number of people who have messaged you through the chat feature on your booking page.

Checking visitor demographics

From this section, you’d see how well your campaigns are doing and see where your traffic is coming from. By knowing your customers’ demographic, you can create more targeted content and be more visible online.

Oode makes it easy to view and understand your data analytics with the integrated sales and analytics tool. This tool helps you gain insights on your performance and it helps you see how to make your customers experience better so you can learn how to improve your business.