Keep track of your sales and completed bookings

Understanding and keeping track of your sales and completed bookings will set you for better results in the future. If you want to scale your business or improve your sales, you have to pay attention to your current progress. It’s one thing to run campaigns, capture leads, and render services, and it’s another thing to review your performance so you can see how else you can improve.

To make it easier for you to improve your business, Oode comes with a Sales section that appears automatically when you log in so you can see how much you’ve made, how many successful sessions you’ve had, and whether or not your campaigns and services are effective.

To see all your transactions or completed bookings, simply go to Dashboard on the left panel.

The visual representation of your sales makes it easier for you to track your transactions or simply how much you’ve earned so far. You can view the results per service or for all of them, and you can also see the results within a select period of time.

Checking sales for a specific service

While you can view your total sales, you can also filter your sales chart by choosing which service’s sales you’d like to see. By selecting one service, you are choosing to view the completed bookings made for that specific service.

Select All services and plans and choose your service from the drop-down menu.

Checking sales over a select period of time

You can choose to see your progress in the past 7 days, past month, past 3 months, or past year. You can even choose to view how your sales have performed ever since publishing your page.

To view your sales over a period of time, simply click on the drop-down menu at the top-right corner of the screen,

For a more specific and filtered view, you may also try checking sales or completed bookings made for a specific service over a specific period of time.

Total Revenue, Sessions Sold, and New Customers

Above your sales chart are results for your total revenue, sessions sold, and new customers:

  • Total Revenue: This is the total amount you made from all your bookings.
  • Services Sold: These are all the completed bookings made.
  • Clients: These are the number of people who have booked you for your services.

The percentage below the results refers to how much your sales have improved. Access to these numbers lets you know if your sales are doing well or not.

Sales Revenue Chart

The chart on the Sales page is the graphic representation of your revenue and sessions sold within a specific time period.

The visual representation makes it easy to see the rise and fall of your sales throughout the given period.