Add and edit FAQs

FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions appear at the bottom of your storefront, right below the Reviews section.

This is where your customers can get quick answers to common questions about your business. The questions can be about your services, subscriptions, or your business in general.

No matter how clear or straightforward your site is, your customers may have a few more questions. Perhaps there’s something about your session that your customer wants to clarify, or your customer may want to talk about your pricing.

Did two or three of your customers ask similar questions lately?

Write that question down and the corresponding answer for the next customers with the same query.

Having a FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions section on your page enables you to deal with queries your customers might often ask. It saves you from repeating the same answer to the most common questions.

Add a FAQ

To add your FAQs, go to Storefront > Content and select the FAQs tab at the top of the page.

Then, click + Add Question. There are no limits to how many questions and answers you can add, so write as many as you want!

Edit a FAQ

To edit your FAQs, simply click on the question you want to edit and click on the edit symbol.

Deleting a FAQ

If a question no longer applies or no longer works for your page, you can delete the question from the list. Just click on the X symbol next to the Edit button.