How to upload a video to your storefront banner

A creative way of introducing your business to your visitors is through a video.

While you cannot upload a direct video file to your storefront, Oode supports YouTube video links so they can play on your banner as your customer browses through your storefront.

To get to your Oode storefront About section where you can edit your banner, go to the left panel.

Select Storefront > Content.

Once inside the Content tab, you will see a preview of your actual storefront to the left side of your screen. This will help you visualize your storefront appearance as you enter the details about your business.

Scroll down to "Upload banner" and click on the box.

Make sure your video is already uploaded on YouTube.

Copy your YouTube video link and paste it on the pop-up window as shown below.

Click Apply and you’re done. You should see your video thumbnail on the preview to the right of your screen.

We wrote another article where we shared how you can edit your entire About Section. Read more here.