Preview your page: what your visitors see

There’s an easy way to check how your website looks while you build your Oode storefront!

Instead of opening a new tab or window and manually typing your URL on the address bar, you can see a preview of your storefront while you edit your content.

This preview will show the sections you’re currently editing or working on, and is only visible when you are in the Storefront tab, located on your left panel.

Desktop view

By default, your preview will show what your storefront looks like on desktop view.

Select this option at the top of the preview when you want to see how your page will look through your visitor’s desktop computer screen.

Mobile view

Approximately half of the world’s internet users use their mobile phones — a completely different experience from your ordinary desktop computer. This is because mobile phones require a different layout.

To keep your website fast and mobile-friendly, Oode automatically converts your storefront to mobile view. You can see how your website appears on your customers' phones when you switch your storefront preview to mobile view.

Open in new tab

Sometimes you just want to view your storefront on an entirely separate tab or window.

To view your actual storefront go to your left panel and select View Storefront. Once you do this, you will be directed to your actual website on a new tab.