Get to know the email campaign tool

Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to build relationships with your customers. It’s also easily one of the best lead-generating strategies. With an email list, you can target a more specific group when promoting your business.

Although there are several email marketing tools in the market, Oode takes one step further by combining your business, marketing, customer messaging, and sales and analytics into one platform. Stay connected to your leads with Oode’s integrated email campaign tool when you upgrade to a Pro account.

The Email Campaign Tool is an Oode Pro feature that functions as an automated email service provider. Instead of manually writing and sending emails to current and target customers or subscribing to an expensive third-party email campaign software, you can just run a series of emails in one place.

Access the Oode email campaign tool

To access your Email Campaign tool, simply go to Campaigns under the Marketing tab on the left side panel.

How the email campaign tool works

The Email Campaign tool starts by setting up a Campaign. A [marketing or email] campaign is a series of messages that contribute to a single goal. For example, if your business releases a new product, you can create a campaign to advertise it. This campaign would consist of several messages (ads, posts, emails, etc.) until you win your customer over. A separate goal would require a different campaign.

Note: You can create unlimited email campaigns for each storefront as long as you are subscribed to Oode Pro and send up to 300 emails.

Think about a campaign name for labeling and then proceed to setting up. For a more detailed look into the Email Campaign Tool, read our guide on how to craft your very first email campaign.