Communicate with your customers through Oode like a pro

Your services might be top-notch, but it’s also excellent customer service that makes people want to stay. Once you build your own booking page, building trust and a great relationship with your customers is integral to grow your business. Learn how to communicate with your customers like a pro with our different messaging and feedback features!

Chat 💬

The messenger feature on your booking page is the easiest way your customer can reach out to you. Sure, you can exchange emails with your customers, but do not underestimate the power of a live chat!

  • It builds rapport and feels more personal.

People like to feel like they’re talking to a real person. Since it’s a very straightforward communication method, there’s no need to structure a formal letter like you would in an email. It’s a convenient way to show genuine character and

  • It’s faster.

A live chat encourages faster responses for both parties. Real-time support addresses questions quickly so your customers would get what they need

  • It reduces repetition.

Have you ever tried explaining something to a person over and over again and still not get the result you were expecting? Or have you tried asking someone a question who can’t seem to answer it right? Live chat reduces that confusion. The availability of context and a less strained method of communication allows for better understanding between you and your customer.

Since it’s the easiest method to reach out, the chat or messenger tool is also the most laid-back among all the other communication methods. So be friendly and don’t forget to show some personality!

A person who visits your booking page can start reaching out to you by clicking on the chat button at the bottom left corner of your page.


Receiving ratings and feedback from your customers is a great way to build your online reputation. At the end of every session, Oode automatically sends your customer a feedback form via email so they can rate their experience with you.

While many businesses end their services with bills payment, adding ratings as a final touch has many proven benefits for your business:

  • It shows that you care about your customers’ experience.

Let your customers know that you value their opinion. Sometimes, it can be easy to just be paid for your service as you and your customers go on your own merry ways. However, this leaves room for unresolved concerns that might exist. Sending your customers the opportunity to rate their experience shows them that you care about them enough to get their feedback.

  • It helps you understand your customers.

Know if they liked your service or not. Ask them if there was something they wish they had experienced more or less of. Especially when targeting a particular demographic, asking for feedback or ratings allows you to understand their preferences.

  • It improves your service quality.

When you start offering a service to your customers, you already have a rough idea of what they might like. Asking for feedback or ratings confirms or disproves these assumptions and ideas. It answers the question, “Did my strategy work?”

  • It builds trust.

Finally, understanding if you have met your customers’ satisfaction is an opportunity to build trust and encourage loyalty.

As soon as a session with a customer is completed, they will receive a link to a feedback form via email. They can rate a session up to 5 stars and write their review on the text box.

Email Campaigns 📧

An email campaign is one of the fastest lead-generating marketing strategies

While posts on social media are directed towards the public (thousands and sometimes millions of people) who might or might not be interested in what you offer, an email campaign is directed towards a more specific demographic. These select people are usually more motivated to engage with your business. When carefully crafted, your email campaign can yield better results than your regular social media posts.

Along with your other messaging tools, you can use the email campaign feature with your Oode account if you’re subscribed to the PRO plan.

Check out how to use our integrated email campaign tool.